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“There are eyes everywhere. No blind spot left. What shall we dream of when everything becomes visible? We'll dream of being blind.”

― Paul Virilio


Garland Fielder works in his studio creating things. These things vary in size, scope & medium, yet they all congeal into a living thing which he cultivates in some way, all day, every day. It is a design philosophy born of inclusion; the solution always reflects the confluences of different streams of creation. 


Fielder’s background in studio art began multifaceted, combining his commercial practice with contributions of critical writing in publications such as Art Forum and Glasstire. The spatial configurations in his site specific installations eventually led him to pursue a Masters of Architecture from the University of Texas, Austin, in 2015. 


Today, Fielder continues this inclusivity in his studio, ARChouse, built in 2018. The single family residence serves as an art studio, design office and gallery. Since its inception, ARChouse has hosted visual art exhibitions and musical performances, establishing yet another ingredient into the mix. Art is omnipresent and Fielder fosters infusion throughout.

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