Great design should be comprehensive and appear effortless. We provide practical solutions from the micro to the macro scale. Our deep roots in the fine art world result in unique design. The three keystones of design that are reflected in each project are site specific solutions, a celebration of light, and an emphasis on materiality. 


Ballcourt II

acrylic on canvas, mounted on wood

68" x 42"


Diptych part of a series from the exhibition NEVERODDOREVEN 

The dynamics of exhibition spaces sparked an interest in installation-based work. After formally studying architecture, and having an extensive career in the art world, including many solo exhibitions and critical writing, Fielder realized the unique position he found himself in, being able to provide potential clients with a distinctive design approach.

Sextant II.jpeg

Sextant II

wood, concrete & vinyl

60" x  60" x 10"


Diptych part of a series from the exhibition NEVERODDOREVEN